Black Soldier Fly Links

When I spoke to people about processing food waste on roofs one comment I heard again and again was “What about the smell?” Garbage smells but somehow it’s ok if its stinking up the river or an industrial park.

“Black Soldier Fly Larvae” is now my response.  The word Fly is about as negative a word as exists in the English language. This is a pity as black soldier Flies are a beneficial fly; definitely not something that will vomit on your pizza.

They do not spread disease, because they’re not interested in either your food or your blood.

Their larvae will eat practically any food trash you can throw at it.  The black soldier fly will act as a predigester for earthworms, reducing the volume by 95% in the space of hours. The Earthworms can then get to work on it.

The larvae emit pheromone signals warning other flies to stay away. Which means that in the unlikely event of food trash lasting long enough to get stinky those pesky houseflies still won’t go near it.

When they emerge from a pupae they live for a very short time, just long enough to have a drink (they have no mouthparts for eating) and mate. They then die.  I see the parallels with bee drones, and how I wish they were called Black Bees.

The larvae having eaten their fill will climb out of the barrel for a date with hungry fish and chickens.  Humans helpfully supply the ramps for their date with destiny.

A site which includes a lot of links on the subject is here:


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