Plants for a future

Walk into any supermarket in any modern industrial nation and it’s likely that the fruit and vegetables on display will be indistinguishable from country to country. There are good reasons for this.

Some foods don’t appreciate rough handling and so are scratched off the list of allowed food products.  Some go off or turn rancid too quickly after being picked. Others, medlars come to mind, must be left for a good while before they’re edible. Others don’t lend themselves to mechanized picking and handling. Others plants are temperamental and require close care and supervision, not something it’s likely to get on a plantation.

Now think about these fruits and vegetables which fall through the industrial choice complex. How do they fare on a roof garden?

Going off or turning rancid isn’t really a problem when it’s 30 seconds from garden to kitchen.

Picking fruits and leaves only when they’re completely ripe is possible too, since perhaps the best place to keep a fruit fresh is to leave it connected to the shrub or tree until you need it.

If it’s temperamental, who cares, it’s right under your nose.

It’s your garden, you’re collecting a few for your dinner, not trying to fill a truck in the shortest possible time. You can afford to be gentle.

Plus, you get the variety of tastes and pleasures that you would normally have to be rich to sample.

You also get it fresh as can be.

You also know what went into it’s production and the FDA can’t tell you to pasteurise it, irradiate it or wash it in chemicals.

The site Plants for a Future, details literally hundreds of plants that are ideally suited to small lot, or roof cultivation. A lot of them are perennials reducing the workload immensely. Some are fiddly to eat, but hey you shell pistachio’s don’t you?

Here’s the site. I’m using it to make a ‘if you plant it you can harvest it forever’ garden.


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