Vegetable Fungi Polyculture

I read in Paul Stamet’s amazing book Mycelium Running that a researcher associated with his company experimented with plant/mushroom polycultures.  The results were pretty impressive.  It’s something I’d like to put on roofs,  to get two crops from the one pot, especially given that mycelium aerates soil,  digests waste products from plants etc etc .

Problem is, I don’t really have much of an idea of how to do it. However on another blog site site “Farmer Scrub’s Blog”:

I came across this plan he has…

“Grow oyster mushrooms in buckets of coffee grounds, which we get for free from two local coffee places. We should be able to use our fruiting oyster mushrooms as inoculant for the grounds.”

It occurs to me that if these oyster mushrooms could also be grown in polyculture with vegetables then I would be closer to my ideal of connecting plants, animals, bacteria, fungi and algae in a zero waste (bountiful) ecosystem on a roof. Buckets could be in dark places. I’d wondered what I could use the narrow completely shadowed spaces between apartments for.  Could be an answer.


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