Tokyo Nantucket Connection

What’s the connection between Tokyo and Nantucket you might ask? Well the answer is pretty simple.  Rooftop Ecology, but we’re going to put a twist on it. Let’s face it, someone has to..

Read this:

You’ll read about the way things are usually done.  Find a market niche, develop a business plan, consider your supply chain, sign the contracts, see about getting the whole listed five years down the line.  Make some money and go into pursuing X Prizes or building 100,000 dollar electric sports cars. You’ll be reading about centralized processing areas, trucking stuff all over the place, getting drivers.

I mean what the hell!

It’s bloody Wall Street all over again.

How about this instead.

Find charities helping the disadvantaged and the abused.  Teach their people some basic skills.  Find a business or complex with free roof space and a significant organic waste stream.

Overlap them and staple at the join. Watch the people at the bottom start to become the people in the middle. Isn’t that better than doing what we always do and then watching 90% of the money going to the top 2% of people?

Look at what cannot be recycled organically, that’s your structure, your building blocks. It’s useful precisely because nature can’t eat it.  But you have to use it, tack it down, account for it. Otherwise it’s going to be choking Sea Otters in the North Pacific in 5 years.

Why do you never hear about community initiatives, decentralised systems? Why does it always have to be a centralized business? Can’t anyone think out of the box anymore?