Apologies for the silence, service will resume shortly.

Well, my wife is pregnant with our first child.  How did that happen I ask myself? Then it dawns on me that it probably happened the way it always has.

I’ve never felt the need to justify what I’m doing. I’ve always known that what I was doing was at least in part so I could look the next generation in the face and say I was one of the few who didn’t have his head in the sand. I was one of the few who got something started.

Now that I have a child on the way this philosophical retort has taken on visceral importance. It’s not from my head. It’s a fear that I can feel in the pit of my stomach and which keeps me awake at night looking up at the ceiling.

What kind of world will my child grow up in? Will he swim in seas that are for the most part dead? Will she learn first hand what hunger feels like and how insecure life can be when the foundations underpinning our civilization subside into the holes we are digging under it?

For some years now I’ve held the view that while I cannot heal the sky, or remove garbage and acidity from the oceans I could make a start on building arks.  Not arks as in something that settles on Mt. Ararat after God drowned the world, but rather resilient places of refuge for when times get dark.

Much of what I am writing on this blog is connected with techniques that make agriculture and cities more resilient, shock proof if  you will. However, the time to get ready for dark years ahead is  now.

In times of peace prepare for the war. So said the Greeks.  For us living in a world of plenty the adage should be that we should prepare for a time of scarcity, and that means the return of words like frugality, something most of us have forgotten how to do.

We need to prepare lifeboats and get our houses shipshape. Could be there’s a storm coming.  I want my kid in a life preserver and no-one else seems to want to make one for her.

It’s down to me.



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