Well.. it’s going to be a boy.. and the saga continues.

We had two names all picked out.  Nana if it was a girl. It rhymed with Dana, her sister’s one year old girl and it is a Korean custom for sisters to have rhyming names in Korea. Why the rhyming thing? I dunno, maybe it helps parents to remember names. My mum still calls me by both my name and my brother’s name interchangeably, like she’s choosing between two options, she gets it right eventually.  Looking on the bright side I guess that means she loves us both equally.

However, it’s going to be a boy and thus it will be Kyle Gordon. I’m still debating whether it should be Kyle Gordon Lee,  my wife’s surname is Lee and it could give the baby a sense of straddling East and West like a colossus, well perhaps when he’s a bit bigger. Right now he’s about 4cm long so he’s not going be straddling anything for some considerable time.

Now I have to look back and see what I have posted on the site. It’s fairly busy still, and wierd in parts (believe it or not I’m having to teach a Japanese man how to speak English with a Glasgow accent and Glasgow vocabulary).

Anyway, once I look over what I’ve posted to the site I’ll continue with posting information from certifiable genius’ as well as littering the ground with my own feeble meanderings.

So, little left for me to say besides I hope you have a good 2010 and take the opportunity to nurture the soil under your feet so that it will support you in the future.


Ian Gordon


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