The use of human excrement in compost

The use of human excrement in compost is always controversial. However, this blog author is convinced by Joseph Jenkins writings on the topic as featured in the book entitled ‘Humanure Handbook’. This is truly an awe inspiring piece of work.

You can find details of the book at the following URL.

In short, high temperature composting kills everything harmful to people.  It does this better than current sewage systems, which are not high temperature systems. Additionally, one can control what goes into one’s compost pile, which is not the case with sewage systems. The result is that treated water from a sewage works is often loaded with viruses, heavy metals, roundworm eggs. This does not occur in a well managed home system.

I feel I have to write this as many will question Dr. Cho’s use of human excrement in his Mixed Compost (MC) farming input. What should be questioned is the current state of industrial farming, especially in the US where the Food and Drug Administration does nothing to protect the public from filthy, inhumane practices that kill thousands of Americans every year.


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