Seoul Environmental Group Well that went well… not.


Well Seoul Environmental Group didn’t last that long. It’s no-one’s fault really.  It’s just not the right time, place or people.

The idea was to bring together a group of people who would begin worthwhile environmental projects, spurring each other on and providing support. The problem was that everyone was moving in different directions. Meetings were a headache. I found myself travelling an hour each way to people who barely wanted to put their feet out of the door. People were just busy with other things.

Not exactly the Young Turks I had envisaged.

The quality of projects was not really up to it either. It was difficult for me to generate enthusiasm for internet sites posts on things like switch from flourescents to to LED lights.  I mean you have to have your head buried pretty deep not to think of that.

Anyway, it’s gone, defunct, kaput. I’ll start organizing based on friendship rather than common interests, for as I have seen those interests are not common at all.


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