On a brighter note..Korean ecovillage

Last night I met with Mr. Saehi Han, a corporate trainer who is part of a group trying to build an eco-village here in Korea. We hit it off straight away.  It is so refreshing to meet people who want to go beyond the usual ‘carry a cotton bag when you are shopping’ type environmentalism.

We hooked up on LinkedIn, which tends to pay host to a more serious group of people than Facebook. There’s a group concerned with water and water quality issues. The ongoing discussions are pretty interesting.

Anyway, he told me where they are at. They’ve registered their organization as a social enterprise and are looking to design an ecovillage with a view to getting government sponsorship. Merely talking with Saehi gave me the idea of pitching the university where I work the idea of an eco-campus.

The idea is that a university is like a village in the middle of the city.  It’s a formally delineated community with clear boundaries,  populated by talented people both young and old. It kinda makes me think of the Asimov Foundation books.

Anyway,  Saehi told me I had no credibility so I need to be more humble.  He also told me that there is a big difference between having the data and having expertise. I have the former but not the latter and until I get the latter, well all I have is an idea.

True enough.


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