Interesting ideas

This is something I read about, but haven’t been able to find again.

Passive Solar heating is a black surface on your roof. It absorbs heat and transfers it to internal water pipes. They are on top of houses.

Roads are invariably black. They link houses together.

Having water pipes under the tarmac picking up heat could stop the tarmac melting in summer. It would also act as a heat sink so that in winter that same heat could be used to heat the buildings nearby. Connected to a methane cycle it could also provide refrigeration services all year round.  It would also allow for heated greenhouses and so vegetation growth all year round (though in practice if the daylight hours drop below 10 hours or your greenhouse is shaded by trees or tall buildings they stop growing due to a lack of sunlight). Alternatively, connected to a low pressure turbine as developed by the Israelis for solar ponds or a combined heat and power stirling engine boiler you could get some electricity out of it.

Not sure it’s a good idea in Japan. This is due to the fact that Japan gets hundreds of tremors a year.

Another problem is that roads are routinely dug up to get to something buried in the road. This has always struck me as dumb. Would it not be better to have a covered trench.  If the road has to remain black so as to use it for a heat sink then service channels should be placed under the sidewalk, with heat pipe access ducts allowing heat pipes to cross the service channels.

Wouldn’t it be better to invest in infrastructure that is easy to maintain?

Guess I am just tired of seeing the same road dug up again and again and again.

ZERI has a tarmac machine that picks up the road heats it, and the places it back down again. Good as new.


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