Well, it’s not Tokyo. The food pales in comparison and the beer doesn’t measure up either. You can say a lot about the Japanese.. the fact that they have a word for the concept of working oneself to death at one’s desk, says a fair bit, but leaving that aside, if you’re not dead, they do know how to eat and drink well.

Seoul, is.. Well, it’s different. It’s much less polite and much more in your face, but it has an energy that Tokyo doesn’t have for all its movement and neon. You stand and look lost in Tokyo, you’ll find yourself under a rugby scrum of people wanting to assist a foreigner. Stand and look lost in Seoul, you’ll watch the sun go down alone.

And yet, Seoul has an energy. I feel like I’m in a country that’s on the way up. It’s brash and when the Korean men drag their morning phlegm up from their toes, uncouth. Japan never struck me that way. It was to me sophisticated in the way that seemed decadent.

You won’t find decay in Seoul. You’ll find lively, bubbling putrescence. It’s much more creative!


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