Recent events..

Hi All,

Well here in Korea we have taken several steps towards getting a rooftop ecology up and running. Mostly I have been expanding my network. As you can imagine being a foreigner with little facility in Korean, getting something started here is difficult without friends and allies. Well I now have those friends and allies..

I have made friends with a senior civil servant at the Korean Department of Agriculture, Forest and Fisheries. Indeed, we are having dinner tonight.

Last night, I gave a presentation at Seoul National University (basically Korea’s Harvard) at the School of Architecture. Students from Kyung-Hee’s Landscape Architecture Department also came, so it turned into a bit of a conference. It went on for several hours and when eventually we had to break it up, I had students asking me for more information as I walked out the door to catch my bus. I should explain that I am an ecocity advocate so I don’t own a car and I don’t drive.

I have an architect who will help with the building work, ensuring safe roof loads and the like. He is a professor at SNU. His name is Dr. Peter Ferretto.

I have a landscape architect who has business connections and can arrange access to roofs all over Seoul. She is a professor at Kyung Hee University. Her name is Dr. Han Saehi.

I also have OECD links in Korea now, thanks to Dr. Kim Chang-Gil, one of the leading architects of Korea’s Green Growth policy and a senior researcher at the Korean Rural Economics Institute. He has been of invaluable assistance in getting agricultural research institute assistance.

Supporters outside of Korea include..

Peter Toensmeier, award winning perennial plant and forest garden author, Dr. Bruno Glazer, a soil chemist and terra preta expert at the University of Bayreuth..

In short, it looks like I need to start getting this system up and running so that I can plant my first rooftop ecology in the Spring.


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