Something else with used coffee grinds..

Hi Guys

Took a long break from the blog to work on some things, which nevertheless did not work out. You’ll appreciate how difficult it is to get something planet friendly off the ground.

Anyway, should be getting a frame from my 37 inch by 27 inch fresnel lens this weekend. Then I will be making biochar by toasting it.

Here’s how it works..

Take a glass jar, punch a single hole in the lid.

Take coffee grinds and place them in the jar. Doesn’t matter if they are wet.

Attach magnets to jar using wire.

Get a basin

Attach magnets to bottom of basin, so that magnetism working through the basin will hold the jar submerged beneath the water.

Fill basin with water so that the jar is completely submerged.

Use the giant fresnel lens to concentrate solar energy on the submerged jar.

Watch as black coffee absorbs concentrated heat and chars in the absence of oxygen. Glass does not break as it is cooled by the water. The water does not heat up much as the energy mostly passes through it and the energy beam is unfocussed in the water.

Various gases will be ejected from the jar via the single hole in the cap. The temperature inside the jar should rise too about 800 degrees.

After about half an hour it should all be done. Cover lens. Wait for water to cool jar down to ambient temperature.

Remove charcoal. Dip charcoal in various Korean Natural Farming Solutions so that the absorbent char does not suck the water out of your soil. Add biochar to soil.

Warning: A giant fresnel lens is like an arc welder. The focus point can melt metals, incinerate wood etc. I bought my Fresnel lens with safety goggles. I will be wearing protective clothing when doing this as well. Oh and dont do this around kids.


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