Kickstarter fundraising Toolkit for Climate Stabilization with Tree Crops

One of the writers that I follow religiously and is the inspiration for a lot of my thinking on these subjects is Eric Toensmeier. He wrote Edible Forest Gardens, a bestselling book on permaculture design, with another author. He also wrote Perennial Vegetables, essentially the world’s first book on agriculture using plants that you don’t kill at harvesting. 

You can find out about his previous authorship here. He even has his own Amazon author page, which tells you something right there.

Right now, he’s trying to write a book about using forest gardens for carbon capture as a means of reducing the speed and effects of climate change. Unlike other geo-engineering experiments, this one works by covering the land with food producing forest gardens that also sequester carbon. There’s probably only a few people on the planet that know this stuff inside out but Eric is one of them and along with people like Toby Hemingway about the only guy actively authoring books on the subject for the rest of us.

He is trying to raise money with Kickstarter, a ‘crowd funding’ website, that helps people trying to make a difference in the world obtain financial support from lots of small investors so they can get done those jobs that need doing.

I’ve invested 50 bucks and will get a book and some stuff around 2015. More importantly, I will have helped get this knowledge out there, where it absolutely needs to be.

I figure it’s worth it just to buy the book alone, so I am delighted to be in a position to help fund something so worthwhile. 

If you want to know more, and perhaps contribute…. here’s the url






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