Hello everyone, 

I’ve not written on this blog in quite some time and you doubtless deserve to know why. Unfortunately it was due to a combination of ill-health, family health problems, difficulty in finding the time to keep my project work going. The result was it was all rather put on the back burner, while I worked everything out. 

I am pleased to report that my health and that of my family member is on the mend, despite what seemed like the best efforts of the medical profession to keep me, and my family member ill. Amazingly, I had to build my own road to recovery. It is of some comfort to know that my lassitude in this area of late was a result of ill health and not, as I often assumed, a loss of hope on my part. How do I know? Well, as I get fitter and stronger, my enthusiasm returns.

Additionally, my perpetual motion four year old has started kindergarten and so time is increasingly being freed up for project work. This has mostly been editing work for the Korean Rural Economics Institute, which is leading Korean research on how to continue growing food reliably under conditions of ongoing climate change. 

The general direction of my own work has changed in the meantime. The problem with doing work on rooftops for me is the fact that I don’t have one. I have been constantly stymied and stifled by one simple truth; roof owners are incredibly reluctant to loan theirs out to a stranger. So I’ve had to come down from roofs.

I will post some details on where my research and experimentation is heading in the near future.